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Introduction to a Lunar journey...  

The highest volcano in Europe impresses by its aspect ( more than 3350 meters high ), its colors, scents, vibrations and quakes but also its legends and the superstitions.

In Catane, people are caution although they admire it. Planes avoid it, adapting to the winds countering its peaks.

The volcano offers an exceptional panorama, the Mediterranean Sea at his foot. On early mornings it usually clearly reveals itself. Through the day, its smoke clouds in contact with the air create bigger and bigger dense clouds, almost like it wanted to fade.

Sicilians call it « a`muntagna », the mountain. So high that on a clear sky, you can see it from Syracuse ( around 100km in the south) or Caltanissetta in Sicily’s center ( more than 150km away ).

The mountain is inhabited up to about 1000 meters. Beyond, and to its highest point, it is only accessible for excursions, hikes or winter sports. Until April, it is indeed possible to ski in the morning and bathe i...


When I was a child, I used to get anxious about coming back from Italy after the holidays. I didn’t know when I was going to return and the young me was heartbroken. When I walk on this land I feel like I am home without being home. A strange contradictory feeling.

This question keeps coming back : why am I so attached to my roots ?

I was born in France. My Parents are Italians and I love sharing about it (As you can notice here).

This time, I want to talk to you about my Sicilian roots. I want to share my vision of a confidential, secret, preserved, sometimes forgotten Sicily but a region that evolves at its own pace. And I also want to tell you about the people I met and their stories.

To my Mother, to my Grandparents,


After two summers under the boiling sun of Sicily, Marcellooo! went back at the end of March, and enjoyed the spring weather and its mild temperatures which is perfect for Easter celebrations. A first ! We told you before, the island is very vast and you will need...


Forget about Cyclades islands… In the north-east of Sicily, seven wild and protected islands rise in the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Aeolian islands which were the hypothetical home of Eole, greek god of the wind, keep on fascinating. Volcanics landscapes, fumarole of two active volcanos, black sand beaches and aromatic vegetation make every of these charming islands feel different. Some of these paradises are only populated by a few tens of inhabitants. This destination with multi-transports access discourage some tourists, leaving the enjoyment to the daring ones. Your efforts are instantly rewarded by a wonderful change of scenery.

For this first trip Marcelloooo! decides to stay five days in Lipari to discover 3 other islands : Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli. 


The biggest most populated one and best served by transport is Lipari.Let us breakdown the journey for you : A two hour drive from the Catania Airport in Sicily is necessary to reach the port of Milazzo. The...

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