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Andiamo* Let's go in italian. Section dedicated to our travels in Italy, itineraries, maps, advices, authentic addresses, traditional and secret spots.

Here below our last journey…


Introduction to a Lunar journey...  

The highest volcano in Europe impresses by its aspect ( more than 3350 meters high ), its colors, scents, vibrations and quakes but also its legends and the superstitions.

In Catane, people are caution although they admire it. Planes avoid it, adapting to the winds countering its peaks.

The volcano offers an exceptional panorama, the Mediterranean Sea at his foot. On early mornings it usually clearly reveals itself. Through the day, its smoke clouds in contact with the air create bigger and bigger dense clouds, almost like it wanted to fade.

Sicilians call it « a`muntagna », the mountain. So high that on a clear sky, you can see it from Syracuse ( around 100km in the south) or Caltanissetta in Sicily’s center ( more than 150km away ).

The mountain is inhabited up to about 1000 meters. Beyond, and to its highest point, it is only accessible for excursions, hikes or winter sports. Until April, it is indeed possible to ski in the morning and bathe i...

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Dormire*To sleep in italian. Pronounce dormirè. 

Our selection of accommodation, visited, tested and approved. For their location, their history, the passion and love our their owners.

From the agriturismo to the b&b, from charming hotel to the most iconic palace of Italy. 

Here below our last address. Have a good trip !

La Dimora delle Balze (Noto, Sicily) or the Frills Residence in English…

In the feminine wardrobe, frills often bring a touch of fantasy and personality to an outfit.

At the Dimora, find these balze at the top of the main tower, entirely crenellated. An ornament that may surprise in which was a typical Sicilian old farmhouse.

of the inside decoration since you can find the common themeIt’s also the wavy designs on some ceramics or household linen.

In the holy world of fashion, a pushed fantasy make people talk and subtle one makes the design successful (our humble opinion).

In hotels business, it’s pretty much the same.

La Dimora della Balze knew how to bring its special touch and elegance in Noto’s fabulous countryside.

Marcellooo is completely seduced !

One hour away from Catania, 30 minutes away from Noto and 15 minutes away from Palazzolo Acreide, UNESCO-classified baroque cities, you’ll proceed to one of the beautiful little Sicilian road, between olive groves, wheat fields and plot...

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Section dedicated to the typical Italian know-how, craft, traditions. Sometimes an encounter, a favorite and a wish to share it with you.

Here below, one of last precious discoveries Made in Italy. Have a nice trip !


Forno Santa Rita  

Sicily. Centre of the island. At the south of Caltanissetta is located the small village of Santa Rita.

Abandoned during many years, a passionate and brave man is giving a new chance not only to the village but also to the territory. Maurizio Spinello, a Santa Rita native, chose to go back there to re-open the bakery in 1999. Newly graduated, he surrounded himself with farmers of the region, and since 2005, decided to re-use former vari...

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Delizioso*Delicious in italian. Section dedicated to the gastronomy: grocery stores, restaurants, recipes. For a journey into the Italian cuisine.

Buon appetito !



in PARIS !


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