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Travel Italy Itineraries


Andiamo* Let's go in italian. Section dedicated to our travels in Italy, itineraries, maps, advices, authentic addresses, traditional and secret spots.

Here below our last journey…


Introduction to a Lunar journey... The highest volcano in Europe impresses by its aspect ( more than 3350 meters high ), its colors, scents, vibrations and quakes but also its legends and the superstitions. In Catane , people are caution although they admire it. Planes avoid it, adapting to the winds countering its peaks. The volcano offers an exceptional panorama , the Mediterranean Sea at his foot. On early mornings it usually clearly reveals itself. Through the day, its smoke clouds in contact with the air create bigger and bigger dense clouds, almost like it wanted to fade. Sicilians call it « a`muntagna » , the mountain. So high that on a clear sky, you can see it from Syracuse ( around 100km in the south) or Caltanissetta in Sicily’s center ( more than 150km away ). The mountain ...

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Dormire*To sleep in italian. Pronounce dormirè. 

Our selection of accommodation, visited, tested and approved. For their location, their history, the passion and love our their owners.

From the agriturismo to the b&b, from charming hotel to the most iconic palace of Italy. 

Here below our last address. Have a good trip !


The Hotel de Russie is well located … in Rome . It is a tribute to the imperial family and all the artists who lived there at the end of the 19th century, during their stays in the centrepiece of the Eternal City. Today, almost all roads will take you to Via del Babuino, 9 . Because we are never short of ideas, Marcellooo decided to imitate his cinematic homonym to discover one of the Italian capital’s most beautiful addresses. Another way to feel the Dolce Vita … Andiamo ? The production : Rocco Forte Hotels. We are in 2000, the year when Rocco Forte decide to manage the property, after few spotting in the heart of Rome. It says that Sir Rocco fell in love with the beauty of the place, full of history. His goal was to perpetuate the myth and write new pages of the scenario . Travelli...



Section dedicated to the typical Italian know-how, craft, traditions. Sometimes an encounter, a favorite and a wish to share it with you.

Here below, one of last precious discoveries Made in Italy. Have a nice trip !


We certainly all have a perfume in us that evokes a precise moment in our lives, a scent linked to a memory... such as Proust's famous madeleine . Marcellooo's olfactory memory, imbued with Mediterranean scents, was marked a few months ago by the discovery of Sa di Sapone 's prickly pear shower gel in one of the charming addresses tested by yours truly . Curious to know more, the meeting with its creator, Sabrina Delfino, took place in Catania and it was... delizioso * delicious. We could almost use a gastronomic vocabulary as the products she makes are natural and breathe the Sicilian aroma...



Delizioso*Delicious in italian. Section dedicated to the gastronomy: grocery stores, restaurants, recipes. For a journey into the Italian cuisine.

Buon appetito !

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Benvenuti* Welcome to the  Galleria Marcellooo!

Discover the Exhibition of the moment. An Artist, selected by our team, gives us the pleasure of presenting his work here.

Have a pleasant visit !

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Because we like grand travelers,

Because we admire artists, architects, designers, craft,

Because we adore cinema, music, History, 

Because we respect Nature,

Because we love dreaming…

Here are all our inspirations.


Travel Italy Inspirations Drawing Jdan
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