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We certainly all have a perfume in us that evokes a precise moment in our lives, a scent linked to a memory... such as Proust's famous madeleine.

Marcellooo's olfactory memory, imbued with Mediterranean scents, was marked a few months ago by the discovery of Sa di Sapone's prickly pear shower gel in one of the charming addresses tested by yours truly.

Curious to know more, the meeting with its creator, Sabrina Delfino, took place in Catania and it was... delizioso *delicious.

We could almost use a gastronomic vocabulary as the products she makes are natural and breathe the Sicilian aromas... to whet the appetite.

This is what the name Sa di Sapone suggests, which could be translated as "Soap flavour". Sa di... being regularly used in the cooking jargon.

Since 1998, Sabrina has been creating handcrafted soaps, shower gels, shampoos, body creams and other exfoliants...A wide range to take care of yourself naturally.

It follows a traditional Mediterranean know-how and uses THE essential raw material: extra virgin olive oil. It is then skilfully blended with aromatic herbs, essential oils and fruit pulps, among others.

Rosemary, lemon, almond, oranges, figs, aniseed, capers, clay, lavender, tea tree, sulphur, cedar, mint, chamomile... The list of flavours grows longer and longer as Sabrina's new discoveries are made.

The Mediterranean in its purest form.

Sabrina was recently joined by Emanuele, a self-taught man who is fascinated by the work and passion of the designer. As customer demand is increasing (especially in many hotels and b&b's), Sa di Sapone changes business premises three times, to save space.

Now well established in the centre of Catania, the premises of the Sicilian brand have the atmosphere of an artist's studio. There is a shop at the entrance, then an office area (that have a teahouse atmosphere) with antique furniture and decorative accessories. In the background, the factory with a thousand scents, something that could be similar of a kitchen.

Inspired by Sicilian culture, nature, history and gastronomy, Sa di Sapone has created a range of high-quality natural products.

The aim is to imagine sensations, create rituals and invent unforgettable fragrances.

It is a success to which Marcellooo has succumbed!


Voyage Italie Itinéraires Illustration Jdan
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