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Voyage Italie Illustration Jdan
Voyage Italie Itinéraires


The Hotel de Russie is well located … in Rome.

It is a tribute to the imperial family and all the artists who lived there at the end of the 19th century, during their stays in the centrepiece of the Eternal City.

Today, almost all roads will take you to Via del Babuino, 9.

Because we are never short of ideas, Marcellooo decided to imitate his cinematic homonym to discover one of the Italian capital’s most beautiful addresses. Another way to feel the Dolce Vita

Andiamo ?

Hotel de Russie Rome Piazza del Popolo

The production : Rocco Forte Hotels.

We are in 2000, the year when Rocco Forte decide to manage the property, after few spotting in the heart of Rome. It says that Sir Rocco fell in love with the beauty of the place, full of history.

His goal was to perpetuate the myth and write new pages of the scenario.


The Hotel de Russie is in an exceptional location: between the famous Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, there is the Via del Babuino, one of the most elegant streets of Rome. Concept stores, art galleries, baroque palaces, ochre facades that makes a unique atmosphere. Fun fact, the street is twinned with Madison Avenue in New York…

So, there we are.

The place has a particular light that makes a perfect framing. Almost cliché but typically Roman. You will love to stroll through the adjacent alleys, have a caffè sospeso at the bar counter and contemplate the Roman elegance. In a vibrant city with heavy traffic, between Vespas horns and heated discussions, rhythm here calms down.

Silence! Action!

Hotel de Russie Rome Secret Garden

A perfect scenario.

The building has been realized by the architect Giuseppe Valadier in 1814. Its classical style clearly differentiates it from the other palaces in the neighbour (14th and 15th century).

The discreet façade tells us about the atmosphere of the place. Coming over here for peace, always chic, that reigns on the main stage: its famous secret garden.

A real oasis of freshness, perfumes, and colours. The inner courtyard is green, surrounded by shady terraces, fountains, palm trees, cypresses, orange trees, rose bushes…

A Mediterranean Eden in the heart of Rome.

"A paradise on earth" according to Jean Cocteau, 1917.

The intrigue will be played out essentially here. At lunchtime, for the aperitivo around the Stravinskij bar or during a brunch on weekends, each scene is brilliantly executed.

Hotel de Russie Rome Rocco Forte

Interior day.

The decoration imagined by the designer Olga Polizzi (in collaboration with Tommaso Ziffer) is a fascinating mix of classic and contemporary, respecting the soul of the place. Do not forget that we are in Rome. The story is an endless inspiration. The duo has well integrated the Ancient Rome with sculptures, reliefs or photos… They also pay attention to the artists and the Dolce Vita vibe. A truly travel back in time.

Hotel de Russie Rome Suite Picasso

The most beautiful suites took the name of its famous residents such as Picasso or Nijinskij. That one is certainly one of the most spectacular suites in town with its spacious terrace: the best angle to shoot on the rooftops of Rome with the Villa Borghese and the Pincio hill on the background, just like behind the secret garden…

A total of 120 rooms and suites with light tones overlooking the courtyard, the street, the garden, the Piazza del Popolo or the beautiful rooftops of Rome. Choice is yours.

Hotel de Russie Roma Rocco Forte Hotels

A five stars' cast.

Once you are there, let yourself be fully guided by a highly professional technical team.

The Hotel de Russie has an outstanding staff. They are serious and relax people, just like the Italian style. Few of them have been there since the opening and know the hotel and the city perfectly. Relationships were naturally formed, especially with regular guests. It is like a large home family atmosphere, as we love it.

Like any top of the range palace, services are multiple: fitness room, spa, sauna, hammam, bar, restaurant.

An excellent concierge service.

As a modest and wise critic and because we like tricks, the conclusion of Marcellooo is unequivocal: the Hotel de Russie is not cinema!

It is just a place to live, became a classic for the Italian hospitality.

Have the time for an aperitivo, or a dinner. Stay there for a bit and play Sophia, Federico, Monica or Marcello role…

Have a great time and enjoy your stay!


Voyage Italie Itinéraires Illustration Jdan
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