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La Dimora delle Balze (Noto, Sicily) or the Frills Residence in English…

In the feminine wardrobe, frills often bring a touch of fantasy and personality to an outfit.

At the Dimora, find these balze at the top of the main tower, entirely crenellated. An ornament that may surprise in which was a typical Sicilian old farmhouse.

of the inside decoration since you can find the common themeIt’s also the wavy designs on some ceramics or household linen.

Dimora delle Balze Noto Sicily

In the holy world of fashion, a pushed fantasy make people talk and subtle one makes the design successful (our humble opinion).

In hotels business, it’s pretty much the same.

La Dimora della Balze knew how to bring its special touch and elegance in Noto’s fabulous countryside.

Marcellooo is completely seduced !

One hour away from Catania, 30 minutes away from Noto and 15 minutes away from Palazzolo Acreide, UNESCO-classified baroque cities, you’ll proceed to one of the beautiful little Sicilian road, between olive groves, wheat fields and plots limited by low dry stone walls. Discreetly placed a the end of a path, it resurrected a large nineteenth century farmhouse.

On a 27 hectares domain, the building that looks like a Manor is surrounded by high walls.

Going through the door under the famous tower, you’ll get the light-flooded main yard and admire the sun’s reflection on the limestone of Modica.

Dimora delle Balze Noto Sicily

Let us tell you about our Sicilian stop placed under with a touch of nature, and relaxation the sign of casual chic.

After buying the property in 2009, Elena Lops surrounds herself by the artist Draga Obradovic and the architect Stefano Guidotti.

A team deeply in love with Sicily, passionate about art, design and Mediterranean culture. Everyone knew how to bring their modern touch while respecting the building’s history.

In 2017, the creators completed their project, the Dimora delle Balze officially opened its doors.

Let’s start by the exteriors, so well preserved that time seems to have stopped. The only eccentricity is the contemporary furniture on the room’s terraces or in the numerous common spaces areas.

Many yards and gardens are filled with citruses and orchid scents that are invitations to relaxation.

Our preference goes to the Manor Garden, surrounded by its Neo-classical style columns, its terraces finished with pergolas that face a powerfully green countryside as well as its succession of hills and groves. As background music, listen to the water flowing way below #contemplation.

Dimora delle Balze Noto Sicily

Inside, wether it’s at the reception, in the bedrooms, at the restaurant or in the common living rooms, your travel through time continues meeting the cultures which shaped Sicily.

The restoration of the building is exceptionally meticulous, true precision work.

Every room was thought out in every single details and has different shades with a predominance of pastels.

In the old living rooms, the vaulted ceilings decorated with Renaissance-style murals were carefully renovated.

Dimora delle Balze Noto Sicily

The old barns, sheep pens, or storerooms now welcome 11 rooms (from 20 square meters to 45), a breakfast room, living rooms and a library.

The team found unique furniture, vintage pieces. This perfectly complementary modern and mix of styles associates pieces from the designer Paola Navone, morrocan-inspired cement tiles and local artists' work.

Every room tells a story, has its own look, celebrates Sicilian artists such as Peppenino, (emblematic character from the UNESCO-classified Sicilian puppet show), or Mal Giocando (book of verses from written by Luigi Pirandello).

The majority of the Residenze are downstairs with terraces.

With a little effort (#pianopiano* #slowlyslowly), we leave the residence to take the Mediterranean aromas scented paths (rosemary, jasmine, lavender) to settle next to the salt water pool (and it’s better for the skin ! ).

A gym area that is small but still very handy (did we talk about the richness of the Sicilian

gastronomy ?).

Wellness treatment and massages upon request.

The restaurant and the pool bar will allow you to enjoy a nice light lunch or cocktail #aperitivo.

Dimora delle Balze Noto Sicily Pool

The nature that surrounds the Dimora is intact, almost imposes a certain respect. We breathe and enjoy the space. After all, space is luxury.

Ecology is (obviously ?) at the heart of the establishment’s philosophy.

The staff invites its guests to discover the environnement and introduce you to the local producers’ life : vineyards and olive oil production. Cooking class are also available.

The domains cultures are certified organic and offer fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs self-sufficiency. The chef offers a Mediterranean cuisine, using seasonal products.

For every trip to this region, read our itinerary about the SOUTH OF SICILY.

Dimora delle Balze Noto Sicily

The discreet fantasy dared by the owners and architects have already charmed the celebrities, fashionistas or archi-lovers.

The place totally leaves itself to event planning, offering a perfect setting particularly for romantic weddings. The most famous Italian fashion influencer didn’t make a mistake by choosing Noto and the Dimora to celebrate her wedding in 2018.

Sicilian holidays or fairy tale, you pick.

The Dimora delle Balze is a real success, clever mix of history, art, design and nature.

A wonderful tribute to the multiples cultures that influenced Sicily in all beauty and gentleness


Voyage Italie Itinéraires Illustration Jdan
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