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South East of Sicily, in the province of the baroque cities of Ragusa, Scicli and Modica, the small town of Vittoria.

Here is the Baglio Occhipinti, an oasis of serenity in the heart of a fragrant, respected, and sublimated countryside.

The owner, Fausta Occhipinti, is a member of the family of Arianna and Giusto whose vineyards are known for their natural and organic productions. They have joined their passions to transform this ancient "baglio" (farmhouse) into a charming hotel.

It is a Sicilian story as we love it mixing love of the land and respect for traditions.

The Occhipinti family are all farmers and has always shared their passion for wine, opening the estate to visitors for tastings and other gastronomic events.

However, Fausta wanted to offer more. Inviting guests to live a complete experience. Living in the nature during a stay to immerse oneself in its slow and soothing atmosphere, breaking away from the city's daily routine.

Architect and landscaper, Fausta decided to give new life to a 16th century building located on the estate. Built on the top of a small hill, it is surrounded by the dry-stone walls typical of the region in a purely Mediterranean vegetation.

The place was formerly used to store and press the musts of the grapes. Indeed, the presses are still visible and are now an integral part of the large living room of the main house.

With her natural elegance sprinkled with a zest of Parisian chic (after spending few years in the French capital) Fausta welcomes her guests with a broad smile and eyes full of southern strength.

Thanks to Ersilia's kindness at the reception, you will immediately feel at home.

During summer, you will enjoy the freshly prepared lemonade. #delizioso

Upon his arrival, Marcellooo was quickly drawn to the colours and scents of the gardens, the handcrafted furniture, and the neat decoration as well as ... a slight noise in the kitchen.

Come in, the kitchen is open to all!

The emphasis is on gastronomy, an integral part of Sicilian life. Moreover, a true love for the land and all that it provides is cultivated here.

On the 10-hectare estate, there is a 4000m2 vegetable garden, entirely organic. Vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees, citruses, aromatic plants ... almost everything is local. From wine to olive oil, from fruit to herbal teas, the home production is rich and inspires the chef constantly, to the rhythm of the seasons.

On hot summer evenings, facing the sunset, the place is ideal for an aperitif or a dinner, under the olive trees and fig trees. #romantico

The 12 rooms and suites have been carefully renovated, respecting the style of the farmhouse: stone and exposed beams, terracotta floors, original or antique furniture, Sicilian ceramics.

Most of them have a balcony or an outdoor space and open onto the surrounding countryside.

The "common areas" also honour the Sicilian hospitality. Depending on the season, you will enjoy the large fireplace, the sofas, the libraries enriched with many books and the sophisticated decoration.

Why not liven up the evening with a few piano notes…?

The staff will naturally invite you to learn about the traditional life of the Baglio during harvest time (grapes, olives), through a walk in the garden or in the vineyards, or by organizing for its guests picnics and cooking classes ...

Tours of the Sicilian baroque with private guide are also offered.

Otherwise, you could just choose to chill at the swimming pool!

The Occhipinti family knew perfectly how to implement the concept of agriturismo: an excellent and warm service. Simple, sincere, and authentic values. A high-quality restoration. A relaxing environment.

Marcellooo is sure, the best thing is to discover the place with your own eyes, which will be filled with stars after this timeless journey.

Isn't that the translation of the name Occhipinti…"Painted Eyes"...?

Here we are, buon viaggio !


Voyage Italie Itinéraires Illustration Jdan
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