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From a Sicilian father from Ragusa and a French mother, Cédric, high-wire artist (and not tightrope walker), travelled the world during almost 10 years with the Cirque du Soleil.He always has been connected with Salaparuta, in the province of Trapani, in Sicily, where he regularly goes back for family holidays.In 2004, he came back with 100 kg of olive oil in Paris and sold them in 4 days. He urged his Sicilian friends to imagine together the production of mono-varietal oil type. A clear traceability, where each oil corresponds to a defined plot of land, to a specific variety of olive and bears the name of its producer. We find for example Biancolilla from Francesco, Cerasuola from Paolo or Nocellara from Anita. The result is a product with an asserted composition: light, silky, thick, smooth, fruity or peppered … Certain varieties will be soon certified Organic.Cédric created La Tête dans les Olives, and opened in 2008 the first shop in Rue Sainte-Marthe in Paris. The Sicilian agricultural universe seduces the best restaurants and the luxury hotels of the capital (Royal Monceau, Peninsula, Meurice, le Papillon of Christophe Saintagne...). Then he diversified the offer by bringing back, according to the seasons, vegetables, dried fruits, citrus fruits, pastas and imagines new creations. He developped the concept of the unique Table dinner by privatizing the shop. Family and confidential atmosphere and maximum capacity of 6 people.The second shop opened on the 14th, then in London in the district of Covent Garden and in Tokyo in Shibuya.The projects continuously bloom … For sure, Marcellooo! will have soon the head in the olives* la tête dans les olives !

Voyage Italie Itinéraires Illustration Jdan
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