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Introduction to a Lunar journey...  

The highest volcano in Europe impresses by its aspect ( more than 3350 meters high ), its colors, scents, vibrations and quakes but also its legends and the superstitions.

In Catane, people are caution although...


When I was a child, I used to get anxious about coming back from Italy after the holidays. I didn’t know when I was going to return and the young me was heartbroken. When I walk on this land I feel like I am home without being home. A strange contrad...


Forget about Cyclades islands… In the north-east of Sicily, seven wild and protected islands rise in the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Aeolian islands which were the hypothetical home of Eole, greek god of the wind, keep on fascinating. Volc...


You'll need more than just one trip to discover the Mediterranean Sea's biggest island.

First Marcellooo! takes you to the south east of a baroque, wild and gourmet Sicily. August of 2016, we unpacked in Ortigia, the fascinating historic center of Sy...


You’ll need 8 days to cross Sardinia from north to south. Three steps are necessary to enjoy each province’s specificities.

Except the Costa Smeralda #jetset, the second biggest mediterranean island is surprisingsly discreet. The ancient Greeks claime...


Looking for a romantic destination on the seaside while remaining close to nature ? 

There's a region in Italy where you can overlook the sea no matter where you are. The definition of paradise for Marcellooo! Welcome to the Amalfi coast, in the heart...


Located at the tip of the Amalfi coast, in the Neapolitan Gulf, a small island faces the Vesuvius. 

You can access it by Naples's main harbor, the Molo Beverello, in a 45-minute-crossing with the aliscafo* fast boat to Capri.

When you arrive to th...


 The Salento, south end of the Apulia Region. 

An arid Mediterranean region with two dominant colors : the lands's ochre and the olive trees's soft green. This cultural heritage is from the successive greeks, romans, byzantines, sarasins, normans...


We know it, Venice is almost always crowded, the world renowned city has been classified by UNESCO since 1987.

Built on millions of wooden piles in the lagoon's mud, the city spreads across hundreds of small islands connected by 400 bridges. You regul...


Che bella la Toscana!Beautiful Tuscany !

From Florence to Pienza, our itinerary from north to south. We're inviting you to explore 5 UNESCO sites. Enjoy !

Count 2 hours for this journey where you definitely need to t a k e   y o u r   t i m e in this...

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